Serving ideas for Vicky's Artisan Flatbread and crackers


60 Second Pizza


Use Vicky's flatbreads when you need a quick snack to satisfy you or the gang? 

Ready in 60 seconds 

  • Spread pasta sauce on icky's crackers
  • top with grated cheese
  • add some garnishments
  • Microwave 10-15 seconds...DONE! 

Vicky's Flatbread maintain their crispiness even after microwaving.  Or, place in an oven until cheese melts. Specialty Food at home!

Unique shapes & styles


Vicky's Restaurant Style Flatbreads are big and decorative., just like the high end restaurants serve.  Place in a bread basket with other breads of add to a food centerpiece. 

Vicky's Charcoal Flatbread/crackers are available in limited specialty food markets. It is all about the look. Charcoal has no taste and a pinch turns our original flatbread black. serve with white cheese, beet puree or any contracting dish. 

Elegant Entertaining


Company coming? 

fan out Vicky's flatbread on a serving board, add some cheese, cold cuts, olives, grapes and place a few bowls of dips ...Simple and elegant.  

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